What can we find beyond division……

Imagine a Canada where well-held, heart-felt dialogue about complex issues was the normal. Where people feel and believe that their voice and heart matter to their community.
Environment vs. economy?  rural vs. urban?  Vaccine vs. no vaccine?  Are these issues tearing your community and loved ones apart?   What if we got really good at creating safe spaces to pause from debating, convincing and  fighting and start listening deeper and wider, than we’ve been able to before?  What might open up?  What do you yearn for in your community?      

Your Voice Matters

Your Heart Matters

What Breaks your heart OPEN?

About us: The Spirit of Canada Dialogue Project is a volunteer network of dialogue hosts across Canada.  As a  Core Team,  we support people to develop and practice their skills to host dialogues beyond division. Hosts are invited to explore taboo or sticky subjects with their communities.  We invite sharing what is breaking our hearts, and feeling into what breaks our hearts OPEN to new possibilities.

“Feeling and sharing broken heartedness and discovering open heartedness, frees us to face the future together.”

Kara Stonehouse, Vision Holder

Spirit of Canada

The Spirit of Canada, for us, is a collective consciousness encompassing the land , animals and peoples through time, before and including  the legal entity called Canada.  It holds all the aspiration and potential as well as all the suffering of the diverse collective.  Our offering is to shed light and healing on the places where we feel stuck and uncomfortable so we can face the future and potential as a diverse, caring and wise collective.


We use the root meaning of dialogue: to engage in a ‘flow of meaning’ which can take more forms than verbal conversation. Nature is included in the flow.

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Calls generally happen every second Thursday at 3pm EST on Zoom

April 30th: Great Divide – Great Potential

As we reflect on the pandemic experience and the Freedom Convoy, it feels like a chasm has opened up between friends, families and co-workers on a variety of issues and along new lines. As Canadians we tend to be uncomfortable with conflict. We invite you to open a heart space for sharing and listening,  stepping into the uncomfortable and taboo with compassion and respect for each other …a space where much more becomes possible!

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This project is held in the field of the Hague Center for Global Governance, Innovation and Emergence.  We are open to partner with a Canadian NGO to formalize and scale up this project for 2022 and beyond.  www.thehaguecenter.org  contact kara@thehaguecenter.org